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About us

This section presents brief information and history of the company

Our company

About our company bit-venom Limited was founded in early 2018 by a group of trading professionals. The name of our company speaks for itself - we were born as the "king of the sports car trade" and always benefit us not only in growth but also in strong merchant competitors. The unique trading strategy in the stock and currency markets, as well as the use of special automated programs enable our company to bring high daily dividends to our customers!

For a long period of time, our main clients were extremely large investment funds and influential private investors from all over the world. Thanks to the trust of our company's clients, who are so important for financial and stock markets, we were able to achieve high results in this industry and in 2019 we are ready to open our doors to private investors, regardless of the assets they have.

In addition, our company has the following advantages:
  • 1 Large staff

    More than 300 employees of our company are constantly working 24/7, including: professional FOREX and crypto traders, financial analysts, IT specialists, technical support team, experts in the field of HR and PR industry.

  • 2 No need for knowledge of the FOREX market

    You will not need any additional knowledge and skills, all the necessary set of knowledge and tools that you may need are presented on our website.

  • 3 Reliable licensed company is a reliable European company with which you can and should build a reliable long-term business.

Today offers its customers a choice between 2 investment programs with a potential yield of 10% and 15% per day, respectively, but these programs have different conditions of cooperation specifically so that absolutely each of our present and future participants can find exactly what he wants.

Become part of our large and friendly team right now and discover the one-of-a-kind opportunities for financial independence and confidence in the future!

Our advantages

Already more than 10,000 customers worldwide entrusted the management of their assets to us!
24-hour technical support Our company's specialists are available 24 hours 7 days a week and are ready to answer any of your questions at any time convenient for you!
Solid team of professionals Over the years of successful work in the financial markets, we have assembled a team of the best specialists in our field who have extensive experience in all the necessary fields of activity.
Officially registered company Our company has all the necessary licenses and certificates to conduct its activities, and also has an office in London, UK.
High security level All transactions and personal data of our investors are reliably protected from any leaks and interference of third parties!
Safety of your funds Thanks to the choice of extremely reliable investment assets, as well as through an active arbitration policy, we guarantee 100% results to each of our investors!

Our achievements is a licensed company that has all the necessary documents for conducting investment activities worldwide. We have our own office in the UK and strive to provide a high quality service for earning in the FOREX markets for all of our clients!

Technical specialists of our company use only the latest developments to maintain the required level of profitability, and also use automated robots to guarantee a stable income every day!

Also, the web page of our company is intuitive and will allow absolutely any of its users to get the desired results today!

We hope for mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with each of our clients!

How to start earning?

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Register on our official website and log into the user's personal account

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Refill your account, select the appropriate tariff plan and open a deposit in our company

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